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Original HTN 180 Px | 60 veg capsules

Original HTN 180 Px | 60 veg capsules

Restorative Formulations

HTN 180 Px

60 vegi-caps

May help maintain healthy blood pressure already within normal range and reinforce healthy blood vessel integrity.

  • Cardiovascular Support
  • Preserves Healthy Blood Pressure
  • Healthy Parasympathetic Activity
  • Optimal Vascular Tone
  • Blood Vessel Relaxation


HTN 180 Px Original Strength is designed to optimize cardiovascular function by supporting blood vessel relaxation and coronary blood flow. This formula provides powerful alkaloids such as ajmaline and sparteine that have been investigated for their ability to invoke parasympathetic activity in the brain, potentially helping to calm the mind and body.


This Original Strength formula contains 1/8th the amount of Snake Root as in our HTN-180 Px Extra. The inclusion of mistletoe leaf and Hawthorn berry provide vasoactive amines that have been shown in research to support healthy vascular function.

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