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Premier Calcium Magnesium Plus - 300 caps

Premier Calcium Magnesium Plus - 300 caps

SKU: 807735055004


300 Capsules


Coral is the hard, calcium carbonate skeleton secreted by marine invertebrate. It is used by orthopedic and cosmetic surgeons as a replacement for bone, which then seems to allow the body to grow new bone in its place.Calcium Magnesium Plus by Premier Research Labs is a natural supplement that promotes whole-body mineral support, including bones, joints, teeth and an optimal alkaline pH.

  • Marine coral-based formula
  • Provides mineral support for the bones, joints and teeth
  • Contains premier calcium and magnesium
  • Non-GMO

This formula contains premium calcium and magnesium from marine coral minerals with a 2:1 ratio. It is encapsulated in 100% solvent-free, vegetable-based capsules, and then packaged in PET plastic Violite bottles that block certain light frequencies to avoid radiation damage to the ingredients. Calcium Magnesium Plus tests on to all 4 biofield polarities. If you're looking for a quality supplement for whole-body mineral support, this could be for you!

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