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Premier Fermented Mushroom Blend

Premier Fermented Mushroom Blend

Premier Research Labs

Premeier Fermented Mushroom Blend

7.4 oz


-Pure Vegan 

-USDA Organic

-Non GMO
-Gluten Free


Premier Fermented Mushroom Blend features a full array of organically grown, premier quality fermented mushrooms (six different types) in their full-spectrum state for maximum bioavailability, digestion and absorption. Current research demonstrates that the human immune system can be given excellent support by using a mixture of polysaccharides from several proven immunomodulating mushrooms. The pre-digested, fermented organic mushrooms in this product offer a vast array of naturally occurring vitamins, minerals and immunomodulating polysaccharides.


Scientific research shows that the mushroom’s immune-supporting polysaccharides are located within the cell walls of an indigestible fiber called chitin. Since chitin is very difficult for the body to digest in order to release its nutritional payload, it must be either cooked, hot water extracted or fermented. The mushrooms in Premier Fermented Mushroom Blend have been micro-cultured through a unique probiotic fermentation process so they can be easily digested and immediately absorbed to provide their full spectrum of beneficial immune support compounds such as polysaccharides at their peak activity and in their most bioavailable form.

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    $34.95every month for 3 months
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