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3 Simple Ways to Manage Hand Osteoarthritis

Hand osteoarthritis can hinder routine life. It keeps you from performing normal activities such as opening a jar or a can, kneading dough, plowing grass, and even using a laptop or cellphone.

When the joints in your hands become arthritic, they grow weaker, more painful, and stiffer. Fortunately, people with hand osteoarthritis aren’t destined to live a painful and difficult life. There are many things they can do to manage their condition.

In this blog post, we’ve discussed the most effective and simplest tips for coping with hand osteoarthritis.

Eliminate Inflammatory Food Items From Your Diet

Seniors who have hand arthritis also have more inflammation in the rest of their bodies. Excess inflammation can make arthritis pain even worse. Therefore, it’s recommended to reduce, or if possible, eliminate food items from your diet that contribute to inflammation.

An anti-inflammatory diet is high on vegetables, fruits, and whole grains, such as quinoa seeds, rice, wheat, and barley. Steer clear of food items with high sugar and fat content, processed food with preservative and artificial additives, and fried food items.

Regular Hand Exercise

While exercising, focus on the movement of your hands if you struggle with hand osteoarthritis. Here are some hand exercises you can perform to maintain your hands’ strength and flexibility.

· Place your hand in a natural position with an open palm. Then touch the tip of your thumb on the base of your pinky finger. Move your thumb to the natural position after a few seconds. Repeat ten times on both hands.

· Extend your arms in front of you, so that your hands are in the air, in an open position.

Now, keeping your fingers straight and closed together, try to make a C-shape with your thumb and fingers. Release the position and repeat the movement several times on each hand.

To keep your arthritic hand joints pain-free and healthy, it's imperative to find the right combination of exercise and rest. For instance, if you're a makeup artist, let your hands rest for a few minutes between each appointment.

Use Natural Supplements for Joint Pain

As we age, the hyaluronic acid levels in our body keep declining. This fluid plays a vital role in ensuring flexible and painless joint movement. A lack of hyaluronic acid can lead to pain, inflammation, discomfort, and stiffness in joints, and that is where natural supplements for joint pain, like Joint Relief, come in.

Joint Relief is an effective natural pain relief supplement, manufactured in an FDA-inspected facility and extensively tested. The supplement is USDA certified and is formulated for everyone, including vegans and those who are allergic to gluten and dairy.

If you’re looking to buy joint pain supplements online, get in touch with Innovative Nutrition. We offer a range of all-natural health and wellness products, including joint pain supplements available in both liquid and capsule forms.

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