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3 Tips To Reduce Knee Pain Caused By Excessive Sitting

Knee pain isn’t just caused by sports injuries and repetitive motion, it can also result from excessive sitting.

Medical experts claim that sitting for extended periods has devastating consequences on our health; some have even gone on to compare it to smoking.

There was once a time (many decades ago) when sitting could be considered relaxing, but today the average worker sits for over 8 hours daily. This causes all kinds of health issues, including severe knee pain.

Prolonged sitting can lead to patellofemoral pain syndrome, commonly known as runner’s knee; this is defined as a painful sensation on the outer edges and the backside of the knee.

The pain increases during physical activities that exert pressure on the knee like hiking up a hill or even just climbing stairs.

If you’re at a job that requires you to sit behind a desk for extended periods, check out these useful tips to prevent knee pain:

1. Stretch It Out

Sitting for longed hours isn’t natural, so you’re bound to experience pain for making your body do something it’s not designed for.

Stretching in the morning, during the day and after your shift ends can help increase flexibility and relieve some of the buildup tension around your knee.

Doing stretches like straight-leg lifts, step-ups, and hamstring curls can protect your knee. Other stretches that focus on improving flexibility in the hips areas can also assist with knee pain.

2. Take Frequent Breaks To Stand-Up

Sitting for extended periods isn’t doing your body any good. Make a point to take a 2-5 minute break to stand up straight and walk for a bit to alleviate the pressure on your knee; this prevents the knee from becoming too stiff and reduces pressure.

3. Use A Pain Relief Medication

Excessive sitting caused inflammation in the knee that can make it difficult to climb stairs, walks, and exercise. Advanced pain relief medication can help alleviate inflammation in the knee and provide much-needed relief, so you can go back to doing things you love.

Innovative Nutrition offers a range of all-natural health and wellness products, including joint pain supplements. Joint Relief reduces discomfort and inflammation in the knee and other joints, and also improves flexibility.

Like all our products, Joint Relief has also been thoroughly tested. It’s made in an FDA-approved facility that is GMP compliant. The product is vegan, and USDA Certified. It can be purchased in the form of a liquid or a capsule.

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