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4 Skin Issues and the Natural Supplements That You Can Use

Skincare is starting to move beyond expensive chemical scrubs and peels and on to addressing skin issues at the core. It's time to throw away all of your harsh scrubs and greasy lotions and give your body the nutrients it needs to repair and boost your skin's appearance and texture.

There’s loads of research that suggests that long-term use of the right supplements can help resolve the dryness, oiliness acne, and other concerns. The key here is to use natural supplements that contain organically-occurring substances to replenish your body’s system.

Let’s discuss five common skin issues people deal with and what natural supplements can address them.

Environmental Damage: Vitamin C

The sun is particularly dangerous to unexposed skin, but beyond causing tans and cancer, too much sun can cause wrinkling and age the skin as well. This could be why people tend to use lemons or oranges in their face masks as vitamin C fights these effects.

However, fruit pulp and juice that contains vitamin C is unstable and harsh on the skin. Studies showed that higher oral intake of Vitamin C had a strong correlation to less wrinkling and better skin appearance.

Lines and Wrinkles: Retinol

Retinol is essentially what Vitamin A contains. Vitamin A is a highly researched substance for improving the effects of aging, specifically lines and wrinkling. Retinol can be consumed orally or applied topically, as long as these products are safe for OTC use.

However, consult with a dermatological professional first, because retinol can make your skin dry at first. You’ll have to ease it into your routine by applying it only every other day and building up to daily applications.

Dermal Moisture Retention: Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid is widely known in the medical community as a natural supplement for joint inflammation. However, many skincare experts recommend its use to combat the impact of age on the skin’s ability to hold moisture.

Studies are now showing that hyaluronic acid can be a useful substance to aid skin moisture retention. Hyaluronic acid also works well with retinol and other acids, making it an excellent choice for a skincare supplement!

Acne: Zinc

Did you know that your skin has the third-most amount of Zinc of all of the tissues in your body? That's why you have to be extra careful about the amount of Zinc in your system. For some people, Zinc has worked wonders for their acne.

This could be because Zinc was low in the body, which is why if consistent acne is a problem you're facing, checking your zinc levels might be the solution.

All of these supplements should be taken as naturally as possible to ensure minimal interference from other additives. At Innovative Nutrition, you can buy natural supplements at affordable prices and get them shipped to your home! Browse through our online shop here and place your order today.

Disclaimer: All supplements discussed in this blog should be taken after consultation with your physician. These products are not intended to stand in for proper medical advice and treatment.

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