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5 Common Myths About Allergies That Are Doing You No Good

From peanuts to pollen, over 50 million Americans experience some sort of allergy. So, the chances of you having an allergy or knowing someone with one are pretty high.

And while most allergies have minor effects on one’s life, they can occasionally get deadly. So, we figured, the more you know, the better it is for you and those around you.

And while you take natural supplements for allergies, let these allergy-related myths disappear with the allergies.

Myth No 1: You Don’t Need Allergy Medication Daily

Truth: As a general rule of thumb, you need allergy medication when you’re being exposed to allergens, and this could very well be every day in the case of environmental allergies. Imagine having a pollen allergy and walking out without medication, it’s the same as going into the battlefield without armor.

Myth No 2: If You Weren’t Born with An Allergy, You’re Allergy-Free for Life

Truth: Fun fact, nobody is born with an allergy. You may be born with a tendency to develop one, but no baby has an allergy at birth. So even though most children develop allergies between 4 to 6 years of age, you can always have a late-onset in your adulthood. So, don’t be surprised if all of a sudden you start choking on shellfish.

Myth No 3: Allergies Are Forever

Truth: That’s a very pessimistic approach. Of course, allergies aren’t forever! A lot of people grow out of their allergies with time, in fact, most people do. While aging isn’t really a happy prospect, for somebody with allergies, it could mean being another year closer to an allergy-free existence since your body reacts a lot less to allergens as you age.

Myth No. 4: It’s Impossible to Distinguish Between Allergy and Colds

Truth: Honestly, to us, it’s like apples and bananas. There are two completely different conditions caused by distinct factors. Colds are caused by viruses, on the other hand, allergies are triggered by allergens—these could be normal things like peanuts.

We agree that the symptoms may look similar, but the biggest giveaway is the time duration. A cold will last for a few days, while an allergy can be a lot more persistent.

Myth No 5: There Are No Effective Treatments for Allergies

Truth: This isn’t necessarily true. While there may not be any cure for allergies, they can definitely be prevented or treated. For instance, staying away from triggers is a good idea.

But in case your allergies do accidentally get triggered you can take care of them using natural supplements for allergies.

Wondering where you can get those?

Check out our online store. We’ve got the best supplements for seasonal allergies and much more.

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