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Amazing Health Benefits of Every Cup of Coffee

People all over the world consume over 2.3 billion cups of coffee every day, according to statistics shared by the International Coffee Organization (ICO). If you’re one of those who feel like coffee has the ability to perk them up in the morning and remedy their blues, they'd understand that it's hard to imagine a day without the magical potion, i.e., coffee!

Several polls conducted by the National Coffee Association (NCA) reveal that more than 65% of people admitted to having drunk a steaming cup of joe in the past 24 hours, while 72% agreed that coffee makes people feel like a ‘better person.’

We have some good news for all coffee-fanatics! Experts have researched the various aspects of this magic bean to conclude that coffee is packed with a number of useful nutrients and active substances that benefit the human body in myriad ways.

Here’s a round-up of the benefits of this bitter, slightly acidic, dark cup of warm hugs that has a stimulating effect on humans.

Top Health Benefits of Coffee Burns Fat

Caffeine is one of the natural substances' known to boost metabolic rate and increase the process of burning fat by over 31% in lean individuals and 8% in people who are obese.

Boosts Memory