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How Can Neuroscience Help with Mental Health Disorders?

According to scientific research, 1 in 5 American citizens suffer from a mental health disorder. This research means that around 51.5 million US citizens have some sort of mental health disease.

With the rapid development of science and technology, scientists have discovered the treatments of many diseases. However, the mind is so complex that many mental health disorders don’t have any treatment. Many individuals recover through therapy and many through medication.

This blog discusses the importance of neuroscience in the treatment of mental health disorders.

1- Helps in Understanding the Root Cause

Neuroscience can help doctors and scientists research the root cause of mental disorders. Finding the root cause can help them direct the research and treatment in a certain direction.

An example of this is two people who went through the same accident. Person 1 returned, more resilient than before, while Person 2 feared that same accident. Through neuroscience, scientists can study individual minds with separate reactions to discuss each person's methods to avoid developing PTSD.

2- Developing Treatment and Prevention Procedures

The biggest benefit of neuroscience is to develop treatment procedures for any mental health disorder. These prevention and treatment methods can be modified to be used for other issues. For instance, using the treatment of depression and the stigma around mental health disorders to address the growing suicide rate in many countries.

Moreover, neuroscience can also modify existing treatments. For example, schizophrenia causes cognitive memory issues and is treated through anti-psychotic medications. However, after neuroscientific research, scientists termed schizophrenia a cognitive issue rather than a psychotic issue.

3- Opens Door to Further Research

Once a mental health disease comes up and scientists start researching it, neuroscience opens the possibility of research in many other domains. Through further research, the treatments keep evolving, benefiting mental health disorder patients everywhere.

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