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Summer Season Wellness: 4 Natural Ways to Beat Seasonal Allergies

The sudden bouts of hay fever symptoms such as sneezing, watery eyes, congestion—and if you’re really unlucky—skin irritation tend to happen at certain times of the year. The spores, pollens, mold, or pet dander released into the air trigger an allergic reaction, and well—you know the rest.

To help you combat these effectively, we’ve compiled a list of 4 natural ways you can beat seasonal allergies and get some much-needed relief.

1. Clean your nostrils

Tiny pollens and spores have a nasty habit of getting stuck in a sticky mucus membrane. This irritates the nasal passage, thus, triggering a runny rose and other symptoms. By cleansing this passage through a neti pot, nasal oil, or saline rinse, you can easily avoid this.

2. Get some apple cider vinegar

A blocked nose is a terrible feeling and can lead to severe headaches if left untreated. Try this simple home remedy to overcome it: mix two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with one glass of lemon juice and water. Experts say that by drinking this solution three times a day, your allergy symptoms will reduce. The healthy bacteria in this elixir reduce the mucous and cleanse your lymphatic drainage.

3. Keep downing fluids

Staying hydrated can really help with the stuffiness or postnasal drip that comes with awful allergies. We recommend warm fluids like soup, tea, or porridge, but you could also drink water, juices, and other non-alcoholic beverages. This helps dilute the mucus and provides relief to your throat.

4. Eat foods with Vitamin C

Vitamin C is another way to fight off seasonal allergies. As a natural antihistamine, they help remove the histamines that cause allergies. These are created by the body in response to an allergen and are ultimately responsible for your flu-like symptoms.

Vitamin C also helps with inflammation and other cellular damage. This nutrient can be found in leafy greens, citrus fruits, red peppers, and broccoli. You can even opt natural allergy relief supplement with vitamin C.

Getting the recommended dosage for these substances can be very tricky. Save yourself the hassle and contact the experts at Innovative Nutrition. We provide a range of professional-grade supplements, including vitamins for allergy relief. Make your health a priority and take your wellness regime up a notch.

You can contact us at (631) 675-1828 to buy allergy relief supplements and or more about their custom naturopathic treatments online.

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