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Super Food Supplements and What They Can Do For You

Any adults who've lived through the 2010s have heard about superfoods, how effective they are, and why you should be taking them. Most people are highly skeptical about the magic healing powers of kale or Acai berries — and they should be!

No evidence suggests that superfoods are cures for symptoms of any illnesses. However, by consuming foods that have healing properties, you may be able to build your body's systems over time. What we’re discussing today is natural superfood supplements and the individual benefits of each.

Bone Broth Protein Supplements

You may have heard a lot about whey protein powders, but the next big thing is bone broth protein. Bone broth protein is produced by actually boiling down bones, ligaments, and other parts of chicken into a concentrated broth.

This broth is then dehydrated and turned into powder to be consumed orally. This is a superfood because, within a limited amount of calories, you're getting a combination of protein-based nutrients.

Beetroot Concentrates

Beetroots have been studied for their healing properties, and scientists have found that several characteristics can be useful from a health perspective. Beetroots are anti-oxidants, vascular-protective, and anti-inflammatory.

By taking beetroot concentrates regularly, people may be able to control their high blood

pressure, reduce swelling, and prevent oxidative effects on the body.

Fermented Mushrooms

This one sounds extra wacky because fermented mushrooms sound disgusting. However, medicinal mushrooms are especially interesting to researchers right now because they contain a specific kind of substance called lectins.

The lectins in mushrooms can recognize cancer cells and stop their growth. However, they also maintain blood sugar, boost immunity, and create better circulation in your body. These little fungi can be beneficial for people hoping to add a little daily nutrition in their diet to combat health issues in the long-term.

Green Tea Extracts

Green tea is loved by many countries all over the world. However, people in the US aren’t always aware of its benefits beyond weight loss. In reality, most professionals believe that green tea extracts aren’t the best for losing some pounds.

What green tea does perform are anti-oxidant properties and promoting cardiovascular health. Green tea extract is seen to have had an impact on the cholesterol levels of consumers. There are also many nutritional supplements that curated green tea extracts can offer. Make sure you lead the tiny print to find out about the kind you’re buying.

Full-Spectrum Turmeric

Golden milk was quite the obsession a few years ago, as the turmeric-infused drink was thought to be great for the immune system. However, South Asian cultures have been using turmeric for years to fight off colds, weaknesses, inflammation, and even heart problems!

Medical professionals in the US are now catching up through research on this root. Turmeric is found to reduce stress on the liver, relieve osteoarthritic pain, and improve blood sugar metabolism.

All of these superfood supplements are ones that our team at Innovative Nutrition have researched and picked out for our client community. You can buy our natural supplements for joint pain relief and more at our online shop!

Disclaimer: All supplements discussed in this blog should be taken after consultation with your physician. These products are not intended to stand in for proper medical advice and treatment.

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