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Types of Arthritis That Cause Sacroiliac Joint Pain

If you struggle with lumbar back pain often, it may be because of an arthritic sacroiliac joint. According to experts, in over 15 to 30 percent of back pain cases, the sacroiliac (SI) joint is the cause of origination. Several types of arthritis contribute to pain in the sacroiliac joint. But before we get to them, let’s first learn a bit about the anatomy of the Sacroiliac joint.

Anatomy of the Sacroiliac Joint

Our spinal cord comprises several vertebrae, and those in the lower back are referred to as "lumbar" vertebrae. The lumbar vertebrae rest on top of a triangle-shaped bone called the sacrum.

A sacroiliac joint surrounds the sacrum on either side, which connects the sacrum to the pelvic bone. Because of its large size, the sacroiliac joint plays a major role in supporting the upper human body, making it susceptible to several arthritis types.

Sacroiliac Joint Pain Symptoms

People struggling with sacroiliac joint pain have reported the following symptoms:

· Mild pain in the lower back

· Diffused pain in the groin region, buttocks, and hips

· Pain in the lower back traveling down to the upper legs through the thighs.

· Pain, inflammation, or stiffness in the pelvis area

· Pain that intensifies upon standing up from a resting position

· Numbness

· Weakness in the lower body

Types of Arthritis That Affect Sacroiliac Joints

Arthritis can lead to severe inflammation in the joints, resulting in unbearable joint pain. Excessive inflammation in the sacroiliac joints is an arthritic condition known as sacroiliitis.

Here are some arthritis types that contribute to sacroiliitis.

· Osteoarthritis

· Rheumatoid arthritis (RA)

· Reactive arthritis

· Psoriatic arthritis

Other Common Causes of SI Joint Pain

Besides arthritis, here are some other potential causes of sacroiliitis joint pain

· Traumatic injuries

· Pregnancy

· Abnormal walking patterns due to poor posture or physical deformation

· Jobs that require prolonged standing or sitting.

· Jobs that require prolonged and repetitive physical activity or intense manual labor that puts stress on the SI joints

· Excessive pressure on the SI joint because of a surgical procedure, such as lumbar spine surgery

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