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6 Claimed Benefits of Monolaurin

Monolaurin, also commonly known as glycerol monolaurate (GML), is a monoester derived from lauric acid and glycerol, both of which are components found in palm kernel oil, breast

milk, and coconut fat.

Processed foods industries often use it as an emulsifier, preservative, or additive in margarine, spaghetti, ice cream, etc. It's also commonly used in cosmetic manufacturing, detergents, deodorants, insecticides, and sanitizers to clean equipment.

Monolaurin was first introduced during the 1960s as a nutritional formulation and quickly gained popularity as a nutritional supplement that is touted today as a natural allergy relief supplement and an immunity booster, approved by the FDA.

There seems to be a large amount of anecdotal evidence to suggest that Monolaurin has a wide range of positive applications as a dietary supplement for humans.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of Monolaurin.

Exceptional Qualities Of Monolaurin


Studies show that Monolaurin demonstrates antibacterial effects against several bacteria, including bacteria such as Staphylococcus aureus (Staph), which is anti-biotic resistant.

Apart from eliminating certain strains of the Staph infection, it also inhibits the activities of Bacillus subtilis and Escherichia coli (E. coli) and kills bacterial infections effectively.

A research published in the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology also revealed that Monolaurin is a cost-effective way to treat antibiotic-resistant bacteria and shows promising results against bacteria that cause skin infections.

Healthy Skin

Since it's effective in fighting skin infections, studies are being conducted to understand other benefits that it might have, such as preventing or treating acne, eczema and making the skin glow naturally.


Recent research shows that it successfully disintegrates or weakens various lipid-coated viruses, including measles, HIV, Herpes, influenza, pneumovirus, swine flu, chickenpox, and is effective against symptoms such as cold sores.

Anecdotal evidence from studies also suggests that Monolaurin is useful for preventing and combating common flu and colds.


Monolaurin is best known for combating fungus that can affect the genitals, skin, mouth, or throat of humans.

Research proves that it can inhibit or inactivate microscopic organisms and fungi while also controlling the body's pro-inflammatory response to the fungi.

It’s also useful in alleviating symptoms of ringworm infections, yeast infections, parasites, and more.

Regulated Weight

When fat-coated viruses develop in our bodies, they disturb the metabolism and lead to obesity. Although this is just a theory that isn't backed up by science yet, studies are being conducted to see if Monolaurin aids weight loss by killing these stored viruses.

Boosted Immunity

We may have always known that health is wealth, but the devastating COVID-19 virus has made people all over the globe understand the importance of a robust immunity system.

The immune system is responsible for protecting the body from infections, bacteria, and viruses. And you are responsible for protecting your immune system.

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